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This is Slaine's web page!!!!

Here I am and I don't know what I'm doing; but I'm doing it! Kind of scary but hopefully nothing blows up. So far, so good. This may even be kinda fun. At this time I can't really say what the purpose of this webpage is. I'm just making this up as I go along. It's as much to test and practise my almost non-existent computer skills as anything else. Hopefully, in the Future, there will be items here that will be of some interest to others. Oh, yeah, and the Word of the Week is: EXTRANEOUS



This is my sweetie adopted wolf, Ursa. Isn't she great? Check out Wolf Park and get your own adoptee. Image copyright 2002 by Monty Sloan

I must show off a baby picture of Sara Amelgaard, who is now two years old! She just keeps getting cuter, if you can believe that. Okay, so she's not a wolf but she's MY little Fuzzwolf! She's much fuzzier now and her tail is quite spectacular.

Well, that's about all the computer stuff I can handle today. Tune in later for the further adventues of Slaine in Wolfdom!